9 Steps To Win High Value Fees
You'll be surprised how easy and effective this process is
You're Gonna Learn
how to communicate your price to the client

 how to present the price to your client to get the best result
how I used this process to obtain a fee of £135,121 from one client
"I had to price a project so I working out how much time it was going to take me and then putting a little bit of a margin on top of that so in terms of cost it was going to cost about £6500 in total that we thought was a fair price.

Having spoken to Reza about this and he went through the steps of how much I will be saving the client in terms of tax savings which was around £500,000 at the time so Reza asked me to have a look at the value price bundle which I did I watched a video I took the templates put them together and we eventually ended up charging £28,000 to the client overall "
-Zak Muneer
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