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About Reza Hooda & The TYP Community
Reza Hooda is a highly successful accounting firm owner and coach who has been running his practice (Walji & Co) since far back as 2008.

In his earlier days, he made a lot of costly mistakes trying to take his firm to a level beyond the limits of an average accounting firm.

But after undergoing an intense journey learning from top coaches and mentors both in and outside of the industry.

Reza finally found a way to do it.

Since then, his firm has tripled its turnover and earns net profit margins of 50%.

He is now also able to work less than 15 hours a week managing the practice – which is near to impossible for most of the contemporary firms around.

Now, under the umbrella of the Profitable Accountants Community (Reza’s mentoring programme), he helps other accounting firm owners break through their limitations and achieve the freedom they desire just like he was able to do.

Reza has come to be seen as a thought leader in the space through his practical masterclasses and inspiring videos viewed by 1000+ accountants worldwide. There is no other person who really understands how to scale an accounting firm better than he does.

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